The Strategic Solopreneur: How to Build a Defensible Solo Enterprise

Melvyn Tan
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Stop Trading Time for Money and Break Free from the Feast-Famine Cycle!

Start Building Your Defensible Solo Enterprise!

Hi there! I'm Melvyn, a strategist based in Singapore. Over the past 21 years, I've consulted, trained, and coached leaders and executives from more than 380 organizations.

I've distilled and implemented the winning strategies of my clients that helped transform my small consulting practice into an enduring and defensible solo enterprise. But that took me 5 years!

Now, you can adapt these winning strategies for your solo business faster than ever before, by leveraging AI tools.

Avoid the pitfalls I encountered and fast-track your journey to success.

Now you need a comprehensive guide to success or risk becoming another statistic in the realm of failed enterprises.

Most solopreneurs grapple with building a defensible solo enterprise.


❌ They struggle to identify the right problem to solve and position themselves as credible experts.

❌ They find it challenging to create processes that bring about a compounding effect on their business.

It's not your fault, you're an expert in your field, not in strategic thinking and flywheel building!

Gaining clarity and defining a roadmap for success is what you truly need.

"The Strategic Solopreneur" will equip you with the knowledge to build a defensible solo enterprise!

You'll learn these six principles:

✔️ Understanding the unique challenges that solopreneurs face and how to overcome them.

✔️ The power of strategic thinking and how it can transform your business.

✔️ Unpacking strategic thinking: The power of choice in shaping your business.

✔️ Identifying the right problem to solve for your Minimum Viable Segment (MVS) of customers.

✔️ Choosing your position to differentiate and stand out in the market.

✔️ Leveraging processes to create compounding effect via the Content and Solution Flywheels.

I share insights, strategies, and real-life examples from my journey, along with actionable steps for you to apply to your business.

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This guide equips you with the strategies to transform your one-person business into a defensible solo enterprise.

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The Strategic Solopreneur: How to Build a Defensible Solo Enterprise

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